How to buy makeup on a budget?

How to buy makeup on a budget? -

For many, make up is an essential. Make up can be expensive, especially if you are shopping for big brand make up and beauty products. But, like many other essentials, the cost of wholesale make up and beauty is rising so, this price gets passed onto consumers.

To get cheap beauty products, you need to shop around and be ready to take advantage of limited time make up deals or for example Black Friday beauty deals. If you can afford to, it may mean that you that you may have to buy cheap make up in bulk in order to take advantage of the offers.

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So how do you buy makeup on a budget?

1. Sales Sales Sales

If you have a favourite makeup or beauty brand, follow them on social media and subscribe to their newsletter. Your social media feeds and your email inbox are where you will find exclusive beauty deals and make up offers. You'll also receive chances to enter competitions to win make up and beauty products. Although, chances are slim, your have an opportunity to win free products.

2. Become an affiliate 

You may only have a modest social media following but they could class you as a 'micro-influencer' giving you perks like free product, first access to new beauty products, money off or even commission from any sales that come via your network. Keep growing your online following to get more of these opportunities.

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3. cherry picks the best big branded products giving you the best deals in make up and discount beauty products. With the likes of The Ordinary Foundations, at up to 75% off big brands, launching flash sales on a weekly basis, the limited stock means that offers sell out quickly so, again, you've got to keep abreast of the latest news for offers and products by signing up to the newsletter and following on social. 

4. Avoid Big Brands

Big branded make up is notoriously expensive due to the amount of money that they spend on marketing their products. These expensive marketing campaigns, packed with celebrity endorsement for beauty products, are then passed onto the consumer with higher prices. 

Instead of buying these big branded make up products, simply switch to lesser known products. These are usually manufactured in the same factory with almost identical formulations so you are not compromising on the quality of the product, you're simply not paying for the logo.

5. Seek Recommendations

There are many smaller make up businesses in the U.K that simply don't have the budget for marketing so they don't have the ability to get in front of you. Such small businesses rely on word of mouth and recommendations to help sell their products. Quite commonly these are handmade organic make up products so have superior quality to the mass produced big branded make up. So, not only are you supporting smaller businesses but you are also being kinder to your skin.

6. Be Cheeky - Request Samples 

You may have more success with big brands but, whether you're in store or online, ask for free make up samples. Pop over to your local department store make-up counter, if you time it right, they may have some excess stock that they are happy to get rid of or some smaller promotional samples that they have lying around. If you don't ask, you don't get. 

So, to summarise, shop diligently, take advantage of promotions to stock up, avoid paying big brands and try smaller brands who would really appreciate the support.


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