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First of all, what is a liquidation store?

A liquidation store is a US concept. When a business calls the liquidators in, the liquidators try to sell of all the stock, assets, equipment - essentially anything that has a value that can pay back creditors. 

Liquidation stores strung up to offer this stock to the public. To move the stock quickly, the public could pick up a mix of products at knock down prices.

Commonly, liquidators will sell via liquidation auctions. These auctions have only accommodate liquidity wholesalers and on bulk orders. The auctioneer charges a margin. These wholesalers will then buy, add a margin and sell them to shops. These shops will then add a margin and sell to the public. By the time that you have access to this stock, up to 4 businesses have already taken a cut.

So what is is a new kind of online shopping experience providing you with access to deals and products that have never been seen before. Essentially, we are bringing the experience of visiting a liquidation store online. We cut out the middle man and, as we don't have bricks and mortar overheads, we can give you the best price on health & beauty, food & drink and household products.

We cherry pick deals, offering cheap make up, heavily discounted food and drink and one-off prices on household products.

We source limited, sometimes one time, batches of cheap big branded products, making our offers available for a limited time with flash sales.

How do we do this?

By working directly with brands, to acquire excess and short dated stock, and keeping a streamlined online operation, we offer the stock directly to you at massive discounts. Think Lidl's Middle Aisle online and delivered directly to you. With surplus stock, there's no knowing when products will be back in stock so it's a first come, first served. Once we sell out, the opportunity is missed.

What products do you stock?

The very nature of liquidation stock, surplus stock and short life stock is that we can only source what's available at any given time. This means that each week we'll be offering an array of different discounted products. Our specialism is consumables: cheap beauty products, household products and food & drink.

Typically, the stock will be in retail packs of around 10-20 products, allowing you to take advantage of further discounts on bigger orders.

How does it work?

We are constantly sourcing the latest products from big brands. Once we have our discounted products, we will let you know, via email, that these products have landed. These products are available until they sell out. We then arrange the shipping and the products are typically with you within 2-3 working days.


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