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Minions Kids Electric Toothbrush Gift Set + Travel Kit - Age4+ £7.99 £18.99
Fun Minions themed battery-powered toothbrush, mild mint-flavoured toothpaste, a beaker, and an inflatable Minion and Offers everything needed for a complete and enjoyable oral care experience. Toothbrush head is specially designed to reach all tooth surfaces in the child’s mouth and Soft and rounded bristles are gentle on tooth enamel and gums, promoting comfortable brushing. Children’s toothpaste features a mild mint flavour that kids will enjoy and helps freshen breath while effectively cleaning teeth and gums. Beaker provides a convenient way to store and organise oral care essentials and Keeps toothbrush and toothpaste easily accessible for daily use. Inflatable Minion adds an element of fun to the gift pack and can be placed in the bathroom or bedroom for decorative purposes.
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