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Bostik Fix & Flash Superglue 3g - 6 pack £14.99 £41.99
Bostik Fix & Flash is the latest  in glue innovation, ultraviolet activated glue (UV activated glue). It's designed to bond 99.9% of materials, sticking to almost anything - even between opaque materials.  The innovative light activated glue offers flexibility whilst retaining its strong adhesive quality. Fix & Flash UV activated glue does not set until you shine the light, so that you can position and reposition until you're happy. Innovative, ultraviolet light activated glue Repositionable until you shine the light to set the glue Clean, safe and easy-to-use Works on 99.9% of materials, including opaque surfaces Semi-flexible to resist knocks and drops Water-resistant, shock-proof, and withstands extreme temperatures (-20°C to +80°C) Odourless, clear, non-yellowing formula
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