Are foam mats good? -

Are foam mats good?

Are foam mats good?

Normally seen in your local gym, interlocking padded flooring has had somewhat of a revolution in recent years. The flexible sizes and colourful options has meant that this versatile flooring is becoming great for home use. Spurred on by lockdown, and the extra time spent at home, padded flooring exploded. Home gyms and toddlers playrooms are just two of the most popular uses.

Rubber vs Foam mats

When looking for home padded flooring choosing the right material is essential. But which do you choose - rubber or foam flooring?

Rubber is more durable and is able to absorb more shock from things like heavy weights or machines. This means that rubber will also absorb more sound, especially if installed on an upper floor. Rubber is much more dense than foam so it's not as easy of foam to install and rarely comes with the ability to be interlocking.

Foam on the other hand is lighter and more cushioned than rubber. This means that if you're installing padded flooring for a toddler's playroom or looking for some protection for children on a patio, foam should be a superior choice.

The interlocking features of foam tiles means installation is easy and dimensions can be altered to fit the room/space that you have in mind. 

Both rubber and foam are water and spill resistant so are easy to clean.

Overall, foam will be cheaper than rubber as will the home shipping due to the lightweight nature of the product.


How to use padded mats?

Interlocking padded flooring, also known as interlocking foam mats or puzzle mats, is a versatile type of flooring that offers several practical uses and applications. Here are some common uses of interlocking padded flooring:

  1. Home Gyms: Interlocking padded flooring is popularly used in home gyms and exercise areas. The soft and cushioned surface provides impact absorption, reducing strain on joints and minimizing the risk of injuries during workouts. Padded flooring also offers more grip compared to wooden/laminate floors so offers greater stability when using exercise balls.home gym padded floor

  2. Play Areas: Interlocking padded flooring is an excellent choice for play areas, especially for young children. The soft and forgiving surface offers a safe and comfortable play environment, reducing the chances of injuries from falls.

  3. Martial Arts and Yoga Studios: Martial arts studios, yoga studios, and other fitness facilities often utilize interlocking padded flooring. The mats provide a supportive and shock-absorbing surface, allowing practitioners to perform movements, rolls, and falls with reduced impact.

  4. Trade Shows and Exhibitions: Interlocking padded flooring can be used in trade shows and exhibitions as an alternative to hard surfaces. The mats provide a comfortable and ergonomic flooring solution for standing and walking for extended periods.

  5. Home Offices: People who spend long hours working from home can benefit from interlocking padded flooring in their home offices. The cushioned surface reduces fatigue and discomfort from standing or sitting for prolonged periods, improving overall comfort and productivity.

  6. Daycares and Preschools: Interlocking padded flooring is often used in daycares and preschools to create safe and comfortable play areas for young children. The soft surface helps prevent injuries from falls and provides a hygienic and easy-to-clean flooring option.

  7. Trade and Industrial Applications: Interlocking padded flooring can be used in trade and industrial settings to provide anti-fatigue properties for workers who stand for long periods. The cushioned surface helps reduce discomfort and fatigue, promoting productivity and reducing the risk of injuries.

  8. Rehabilitation and Therapy Centers: Interlocking padded flooring is commonly used in rehabilitation and therapy centers to create a safe and supportive environment for patients. The soft surface helps absorb impact and provides a stable base for exercises and mobility training.

These are just a few examples of the various uses of interlocking padded flooring. Its versatility, comfort, and safety features make it a popular choice for a wide range of applications.

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