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There's not escaping it. Bills are rising. International conflicts, COVID hangover, Suez canal blockage and droughts have all contributed to the inflationary environment that is being passed to our pockets.

Food especially is being impacted. The increased cost of producing the food, transporting it and staff costs just some of the reasons for the increases in food costs.

Together, with other household bills rising, seeking cheap, good quality food is the challenge for households at the moment. But with many supermarkets inflating prices and brands using shrinkflation to erode your buying power, how do you buy cheap food online?

 what is shrinkflation

Step forward savvy food shopping. Cheap, good food and cheap drinks online is plentiful. You just need to look where to look.

First of all; Can you eat food and drink past their best before dates? 

Yes, yes you can. Reduce your own food waste. Best before dates are all about quality, not safety. The food may not be at it's very best but it is safe to eat and in times of price hikes and limited supply, make the most of this. 

1. is a revolutionary new online store specialising in excess and liquidation stock. Each week brings cherry picked exclusive discounts on cheap food and drink directly to your email inbox. With up to 75% off big branded discount food and drink, and limited time/quantities, these offers will sell out. focused on cheap food, discounted health & beauty and cheap household products. 

liquidation store

2. Approved Foods, with over 5,000 products in stock, is Britain's largest online retailer of clearance food & drink. With many products past their best before dates, there are some big discounts to be had. With new stock daily, they even sell discounted cat food and cheap dog food, vital reducing other household bills.

3. Grocery Delivery Companies

If you live in an urban area, especially London, you'll have noticed the army of moped riders dressed in Gorillas, Getir, Go Puff, Uber Eats or Yango Deli attire.

These delivery groceries in minutes as part of a new industry that has been created in the wake of the COVID pandemic. Having taken a lot of investment from Venture Capitalists and Private Equity, these companies are aggressive at acquiring your custom. With grocery delivery offers such as 50% off your first order and regular promotions to keep your custom, these are there to be fully taken advantage of. Sign up on each mobile in the household and reduce your grocery bill for weeks.

grocery delivery apps

4. Supermarket Rewards Apps

Reward apps like Checkout Smart and Shopmium have become popular over the years with brands and shoppers alike. 

How do supermarket reward apps work?

Step 1 - You open the app and find offers that your interested in and are available in your local supermarkets.

supermarket rewards apps

Step 2 - Buy the product at full price. Keep the receipt

Step 3 - You upload a picture of the receipt to the app.

Step 4 - The app will refund the difference in the full price and the offer price to you to your paypal account.

You save and the brand increases its rate of sale. Win Win.

Do you want free money? Simply wait a week and take the product back for a refund. You keep the paypal refund delivered by the app.

5. Food Waste Apps

Many eateries are looking to reduce their waste whilst selling excess stock at the end of the day. This means that there's big reductions on food and drink available.

Apps like Too Good to Go uses your phone location to provide local food offers, mostly at the end of the day, around closing time.

There are a number of 'mystery' or 'magic' bags that retailers provide that will be a collection of whatever is left at the end of the day. Each day this will change depending on trade. Even the grocery delivery apps use this service to sell excess inventory so there's some great grocery discounts to be had. 

In summary, there are bargain to be had. Downloading the right apps and subscribing to the right email newsletters is essential for taking advantage of these bargains.

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