How to get cheap food & drink products?

ways to help you reduce your weekly food bills including a great way to simply get free money from your supermarket
How to get cheap food & drink products? -

With inflation at the levels not seen for decades, energy prices increasing seemingly daily and food supply being impacted my World events, the costs of living are spiralling.

We are all looking for good quality cheap food & drink products to try and reduce our household bills but finding them is a struggle and can be time consuming.

how to get cheap food and drinks

Here are our recommendations to get heavily discounted food and drink:


The notorious discounted food and drink sections of the supermarket varying wildly in availability and discount. Supermarkets discount products at different times of the day and by section. There are also wide swings in discounts within different supermarkets. The likes of Waitrose notoriously only offer minor discounts whilst the likes of Tesco are much more aggressive.

To get the best bargains, you have to be there from the very moment that the stock gets discounted. As soon as customers are familiar with the timings of stock getting discounted, it can get very competitive to bag yourself a bargain.

Phone Apps

Too Good to Go is a fantastically innovative app where, at the end of the day, rather than food going to waste, local cafes and delis make their food available on the app. With a wide selection of high quality discounted food and last minute deals, it's a great place to pick up some bargains.

How it works...

You can set your location from your phone and the app will show you the local offers. You reserve the local offer that you'd like and collect it during the allotted time slot. There are sometimes predefined cheap food and drink. Other times it's a 'Magic Bag' of a selection of items.

Supermarket cash back apps are also another great way to save on your weekly food bill. You can browse the app to see the current discounts, including free food and drink. Once you find the discounted food and drink product that you are interested in, you buy at full price, take a photo of the receipt, upload it onto the app and, once authorised, you'll have the refund sent to your paypal account.

Once you've uploaded the receipt, you could even get a refund on the product to simply get free money, it's that easy.


There are some great discounted food & drink online if you're looking in the right places. At we work directly with food and drink businesses to cherry pick the best food and drink deals for you. With discounts of up to 75% off RRP, we release new products weekly and, with the nature of short dated and surplus stock, once it's gone it's gone.


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