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Sell Excess Stock UK

Every business has excess inventory from time to time. Cancelled orders, supply chain issues, demand planning inaccuracies can easily leave you with excess stock in your warehouses. This stock ties up money and storage costs are eating away at your working capital. 

Too much surplus stock is one of the biggest issues in the industry right now. Without a way to quickly sell this excess inventory, it can stunt your company's growth or, even worse, create a working capital issue that could ultimately lead to insolvency.

With the rise of e-commerce and the subsequent slow down, every business has been left holding excess stock. Having an effective surplus stock solution is vital for the efficient operation of a business.

If you need a quick way to liquidate your surplus stock, are a leading surplus stock buyer within the UK market.

sell excess inventory uk

What is is an online marketplace for excess stock. We buy excess stock and sell through flash sales via our website.

We focus on e-commerce orientated stock, mainly health & beauty, electricals, food & drink, household goods but we will consider any stock. We wouldn't be interested in tobacco, alcohol or vapes.

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How to sell excess stock?

If you're looking to sell your excess stock, he process couldn't more straight forward. Simply fill in this form - we'll contact you (usually within 24 hours) requesting information. Once this information is supplied, our buyers will provide you with an offer. If accepted, we'll sort out the rest.

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