Where to buy cheap cleaning products online?

Where to buy cheap cleaning products online? - liquidation.store

Where to buy cheap cleaning products online?

Whether it's under the sink, in an airing cupboard or in the garage, we've all got the cleaning cupboard. Packed with a plethora of products to clean part of the house; window cleaner, granite cleaner, wood floor cleaner, sink cleaner, a recent survey suggests that the average house has over £500 of cleaning products and spends over £50 a month on cleaning supplies.


Given the squeeze on household incomes, this expenditure isn't sustainable. We are all looking for deals on cleaning products and there are some great discounts on cleaning supplies available online. 

With prices going up in supermarkets and the cleaning products B&M and other supposed discounters not offering the value for money that they used to, you just have know where to shop.

We've scoured the web to find the best places to pick up a bargain cleaning supplies and this is what we had to find.

1. liquidation.store

Liquidation.store is a new discount website that has new deals launching weekly on cheap household products, food & drink and health & beauty. They cherry pick the best deals from the biggest brands to offer you the best discounts on cleaning products. From car cleaning kits to cheap kitchen and bathroom cleaners, with a flash sale format, you can purchase bulk cheap cleaning supplies but you have to be quick, the flash sales mean that once the products sell out, they are gone. With free shipping on orders over £10, you can get free delivery on your home cleaning products,

2. Amazon

Amazon is a great place to pick up the well known cleaning brands at competitive prices. The searching function will make it necessary for you to be exact with your searching otherwise you could be trawling through pages of branded and non-branded products. Searching one-off deals is difficult as Amazon run with ever-green availability and their algorithm will present you with their 'Amazon Choice' products, based on reviews, keywords and sales velocity,  rather than the ones you are actually looking for.

3. Discount Cleaning Supplies

Originally a contract cleaning business, Discount Cleaning Supplies offer some great bulk discounts on cleaning products and equipment. From decades of experience, they know first-hand which are the best cleaning products online. Although focused on commercial cleaning, there are some great bulk cleaning products to be had on the website. With free delivery only available for orders over £75, this could be a push for many individuals so factor in the delivery costs into any potential bargain cleaning product finds.

4. Wilkos

You'll have all seen Wilko on your local high street but did you know that you could now shop online at wilko.com to get your high street discount brands delivered directly to your door. That said, the days of picking up your short shelf life bargains or sporadic deals on big brands are seemingly over. Wilkos, along with many other discounters, have come to represent your standard supermarket offers. At the time of writing, one of the top offers on the Wilko website under cleaning products was 50 Finish Quantum Dishwasher Tablets for £8 advertising £4.50 off. However, without much need to search, the same offer is available at Waitrose, the up-market UK supermarket. Is this the end of high street bargains? Who knows but it always counts to shop around.

5. The Plastic Free Shop 

Cleaning products are one of the main contributors towards single use plastic. For those that are looking to balance the household budgets with the environmental impact, the plastic free shop is a great place to avoid needless single use plastics. They have an array of cleaning products and equipment available for delivery direct to your door without the use of plastic.


The key to really finding a bargain is buying in bulk. Buying cheap cleaning products in bulk not only allows you to bring down the household budget across the year but also buying cheap 5 litres of soaps or detergent can also reduce your carbon and environmental footprint.

Subscribing to websites that offer seasonal and flash sales discounts are the best to find discounted cleaning products. Be sure to keep an eye out for limited time sales when they do occur.

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