Alpina Parana Black Matt Cycling Helmet 55-59cm (Medium)

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Alpina Parana Black Matt Cycling Helmet 55-59cm (Medium)

£29.99 £59.99 -51% OFF

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Product description

Sporty, dynamic and simultaneously reduced, clean. The ALPINA PARANA is a touring bike helmet for sporty cyclists with high demands on their own style and safety. Thanks to Hi-EPS and the Inmold construction, the ALPINA PARANA is very light and at the same time protects the head in case of an impact. The proven ALPINA fit ensures that the bicycle helmet fits perfectly, does not slip, nothing pinches. With the Run System Ergo Flex + fitting system, the bicycle helmet can be individually adapted to the head. The system is light, filigree and robust at the same time. The dynamically designed helmet stays not only create a light and modern look, but also ensure that the head is well ventilated. This ensures a cool head, maximum comfort and lots of fun on long tours.

Run System Ergo Flex
With the Run System, the size of all Alpina helmets can be individually adjusted using a smooth-running rotating wheel. The Run System Ergo Flex is Alpina's lightest and most comfortable fitting system. The filigree construction nestles evenly against the head and thus increases protection. The Run System Ergo Flex can be adjusted via a fine grid - there is no more individual, smooth-running and comfortable way to adjust a helmet.

A helmet can only provide the best possible protection if it remains in the optimum position in the event of an impact. The adjustment and fixing of the two straps under the ear plays a decisive role in this. The Y-clip system guarantees a millimetre-precise adjustment - in seconds.

Proven a hundred thousand times over and used in all Alpina helmets: the belt buckle with the red push button and multi-stage automatic locking mechanism. Ergomatic can be operated with one hand - uphill you can loosen the strap, downhill you can tighten it - and in the event of a fall the buckle mechanism cannot open by itself.

Edge Protect
Edge Protect is an additional polycarbonate sheet that enhances inmould helmets. It covers edges on the underside of the helmet. This protects the Hi-EPS and increases the durability of the helmet. At the same time, the neck and shoulder area of the rider is protected from injuries caused by the helmet in the event of a collision and in the event of contact with the lower edge of the helmet.

Airflow Vents
One factor that strongly influences the wearing comfort is the ventilation of the helmet. The strategically sensible arrangement of the ventilation openings is decisive for optimum ventilation of the interior. The air is directed into the interior, directed along the head and can flow out again at the rear. The head is thus always pleasantly air-conditioned.

The inner shell of all Alpina helmets is made of Hi-EPS (High Expanded Polystyrene). The material has microscopically small air chambers which absorb the forces that act on the helmet during an impact. Hi-EPS provides optimum protection and at the same time allows extra-thin walls and narrow helmet shapes.

In the Inmold production process, the polycarbonate helmet upper shell is thermally bonded to the Hi-EPS inner shell of the helmet body under high heat and pressure. This creates a large-area and inseparable connection between the upper and lower shell. Advantage: The helmet is very light and at the same time extremely stable.

Ceramic Shell
All helmets from Alpina, which are manufactured using the Inmold process, are equipped with a robust ceramic shell. A polycarbonate plate is stretched under strong heat onto the shape of the future helmet and pressed with high pressure onto the Hi-EPS body and thermally bonded to it. The Ceramic Shell is characterised by several qualities: It is break and scratch resistant, UV-stable and antistatic.

Custom Fit
Custom Fit is an adjustment system at the back of the head that allows you to adjust the height of the Run System in several steps. This allows the helmet's optimum fit to be adjusted for a wide range of head shapes. Pressure points are a thing of the past, the helmet fits perfectly and safety is increased.

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